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19 December 2018



In order to evaluate the level of satisfaction with the new site and to gather data and opinions, which are fundamental for its constant improvement, from July to September 2018 we asked users to fill out an online questionnaire, which was available in Italian, English and Spanish.

The 1,658 respondents (59% males and 41% females) provided an excellent percentage of completion of the survey.




The site was deemed easy to find and navigate, with pleasing graphics and well organized contents; respondents indicated that the information they needed could be found quickly with just a few clicks.


Almost half of respondents visit the site to consult Giussani’s texts and conduct advanced research. Most responded that the site contains up to date and complete information. Asked why they visit the site, 39% indicated a desire to learn about the texts by Giussani, 35% personal interest, and 9% interest in religious or educational themes.

Technical functionality

In general, respondents did not point to any particular technical difficulties, though the page-turning function for consulting full texts (especially on mobile phones) did not meet with a very good reception.


Having consulted a text on the site, 65% of users went on to buy a paper or eBook version of it.


Fully 95% of respondents recommend the site to other people, because it is a useful, well-managed and practical instrument for learning about the texts by Fr. Giussani.

Newsletter and social media

A good number of the users already receive the newsletter or would like to receive it, in order to be informed about new publications or new editions, as well as events and presentation of the works. Over half would also like to receive information through the social media channels they most often use (Facebook).


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who responded to the questionnaire.

We will continue to welcome your suggestions, which are truly useful for optimizing navigation of the site!